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Shaping dreams into reality!

A Student and Family Centred Approach to Studying in the USA

Join us LIVE and online at our next US College Discussion

Join us at 8pm AEST on the 23rd of August, 2022

This is a great chance for both parents and students to discover a unique and affordable opportunity to study in the USA that most Australian families are oblivious to.


Schedule a personalised phone or video call

Having a personalised phone or video call with you and your family can be incredibly beneficial as all the information shared will be tailored to suit you and your aspirations. It's also a great chance to ask and have any and all of your questions answered directly

ABOUT green room futures

While our focus is on finding college opportunities and scholarships for students and student-athletes interested in studying in the USA, that is actually just a small piece of what this whole experience is all about. To us, this process is about establishing and growing genuine relationships with students and their families to inspire, mentor, educate, advise, assist, and motivate students on their unique journeys toward self-actualization in life.  We are confident that there is not another company in this industry anywhere in the world who does things quite like we do; holistic, personalised to you in every way, with professionalism and integrity guiding our every move!

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Leading the team

USA Lights
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USA Lights

Matt Wade

Founder and Company Director 

A native of Dallas, Texas and a decorated multi-sport collegiate athlete, and collegiate coach prior to settling permanently in Australia in 2011.  Over the last 11 years, he has assisted nearly 6,000 aspiring international students and student-athletes to secure opportunities from Colleges and Universities in the USA. 100% success is the only outcome Green Room Futures provides!


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college finder

  • Unlimited GRF Team Access & Support

  • Personalised Web Profile

  • Individually Tailored Promotional Strategy

  • Video Hosting and Construction

  • SAT/ACT Registration Assistance and Prep

  • Extensive Scholarship and Financial Aid Search

  • Athletic Eligibility Centre Support

  • Visa & Immigration Assistance

And much more!!​

College Finder including Extended undergraduate support Abroad

  • Continued Unlimited 24/7 GRF Team Access and Support while Abroad

  • Ongoing Web Profile Management while Abroad

  • Facilitation of Institutional Transfers

  • Health Insurance Claims Support

  • Post-Graduate Study Planning

  • Post-Collegiate Sport Pathways

And much more!!​

Extended undergraduate Support & Supported Transfers
(Current College Attendees only)

  • Unlimited GRF Team Access & Support for Transfer Students

  • Personal and Individualised Transfer Promotion

  • Personal Web Profile & Exposure

  • All Encompassing Transfer Scholarship Search

  • Athletic Eligibility Centre Support for Transfers

  • Post-Graduate Study Planning

  • Post-Collegiate Sport Pathways

And much more!!​

"For the past eight years, Matt Wade has been one of the most positive people that I have ever met and as a family we cannot help but be affected by his passion, enthusiasm and belief!


Matt blends his own personal and professional experiences, to help guide the student athlete. His leadership, knowledge and constant support has played a vital role in our sons’ athletic journey. Playing golf for a University in the USA was a dream come true for our son!


We would absolutely recommend Matt Wade and Green Room Futures!"

- Scott & Jo Caulfield -

Parents of Matt Caulfield, WA Golfer